Best Holographic Sight For The Money Guide – 2017

The Ultimate Best Holographic Sight Guide


Have you missed your target just because your gun sight was not delivering 100%? What if you have had a good holographic sight, would you have got that perfect shot? If the answer is YES, then look no further, because by the time you have finished reading this review you would have made up your mind in getting yourself the best holographic sight.

Have you desired a new sight that will co-witness with your existing setup or simply co-witness to the iron sights of your gun? How about a sight that will easily couple with the existing infrared night vision equipments or the one that will sit snugly on your gun allowing you to add a laser and even a flashlight?

Well, the article addresses various holographic sights that are suitable to various gun enthusiasts who may be using it for active duty or on the range or even on a hunting expeditions. Gun sights are an integral part of a tactical / non-tactical weapons system. A good sturdy and reliable sight readily boosts the confidence of the user giving them a psychological edge over others.

What to think of before buying

Before you go online or hit the stores, to buy the best holographic sight, let us consider some features that will help you make your decision; by mounting a holographic sight you will be adding extra weight to your weapon. Therefore it is advisable that whatever holographic sight you choose it should be adding minimal weight to the weapon system, we don't want to end up with a heavy weaponry. Secondly, every gun sight is not same, thus the view from it also varies in brightness.

Choose a sight that will give you a bright view of your target and also the reticle is clear and sharp. There must be separate brightness control options for daytime and nighttime use. Another factor to consider while deciding your best holographic sight is the purpose of its use. Shooting range is a controlled environment wherein you are not totally exposed to the elements of the nature. Where as in game hunting you are exposed and at the mercy of the elements.

Therefore make a wise decision based upon the usage of your weapon. A sight with proper protection from the element is advisable to be used in wilderness as compared to the one being used in the shooting range or similar environment. This brings us to the next feature to consider is the build quality. A sight primarily designed for wilderness activity - hunting to be specific, are sturdily build - and thus may be heavy on your wallet.

What is MOA?

MOA, short for Minutes of Angle is the measure in degrees of how much area is covered in the sight. Ideally one MOA nearly equals one inch at 100 yards distance. MOA is the smaller division of a than a Degree; 1 MOA = 1/60th of a Degree – one degree is divided into 60 minutes.

The MOA unit - Minute of Angle – is useful for shooters as the target shots can be easily converted to it – roughly 1 MOA equals 1 inch at 100 yards.

On a standard reticle, the central dot is approximately one MOA across whereas the ring is almost 68 MOA. Also remember that when you adjust the elevation or windage shaft the point is moved approximately half inch at 100 yards or 1/4th at 50 yards or 18th at 25 yards.

A sight with a good MOA gives you the accuracy to hit the target at bull’s eye every time you shoot. The MOA also plays an important role for hunters as it gives you the target size at a designated range (generally 100 yards)

Best Holographic Sight Guide - MOA

What to look for in the best holographic sight?

There are cheap as well as expensive holographic sight available to buy. Every sight has its pros and cons based upon the needs of the use the priority of required features may vary as per the user. But still there are certain aspects that you must consider while buying a holographic sight. First and foremost you will be using this sight a fairly long time. So look for a sturdy build quality. The optics and the electronics needs to be protected from the elements and this must be housed in a rugged housing. Second most important aspect to consider is the warranty of the product and what it covers. Also good to consider is the actual “ease of use” of the product.

Another important feature to consider while shopping for an ideal sight is the power supply; battery or Tritium. Though tritium is a very reliable power source and it also provides the brightest red dot, it is recommended to consider a battery powered unit simply because once tritium has decayed replacement is very costly compared to batteries.

The following review covers the wide spectrum of holographic sights including price, build quality, functionality, ease of use, etc.

The Review

To help you select the sight suitable for your use, the following 10 weapon sights are selected and discussed in details. The review will help you choose the best holographic sight that is suitable for your purpose.

The following 10 products are selected based upon their functionality, usage, pricing, build quality, etc. Lets take a look at these 10 great sights to help you select the best holographic sight for you.

C-MORE Systems Railway Red Dot Sight with Click Switch

C-MORE Systems Railway Red Dot Sight with Click Switch - Best Holographic Sight

C-More’s railway red dot sight is the most popular sight used on the “Open Class Race Pistols". It is even used on the rifles as a very effective sight. Let’s look at the build quality. The longer than usual housing gives the laser beam a longer distance to travel from the diode to the splitter lens giving more accuracy to the shooter.

The mounting uses two cross-bolts, where the rear one slides back and forth to allow more mounting options. The Railway works fantastically on Weaver and Picatinny Rails, also on many factory rails having intermittent cross slots.

The battery on the Railway lasts for a long time given the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.

On the gun this unit may look beefy’ and huge, but actually it is much smaller in hand. The 8 MOA unit was the version tested, which I found to be sufficiently good for use in pistols and hand guns.

I was very impressed with the build quality and overall package from the Railway. This is a great sight and a strong contender for the best holographic sight!


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Various intensity options to select and switch to on the fly
  • Can be used on Pistols & Rifles​


  • Does not use AA or AAA batteries
  • Finish of the product may be little off at some times

NOTE: Pos1 and Pos 2 on the click Switch’ are the intensity adjustments for Night Vision and they will not be visible unless you are using night vision.

The SPR-1303 Spitfire Black from Vortex Optics

The SPR-1303 Spitfire Black from Vortex Optics - Best Holographic Sight

The SPR-1303 Spitfire is a low power, red dot scope, this is an ideal for civilians who spend most of their shooting time on the range. The SPR-1303 allows you to see very clearly up to a few hundred yards. The 3x power is sufficient for target acquisition at close range. The light coming through the Vortex is brighter compared to many other sights,  as it uses batteries and not Tritium which slowly dims in about ten years of time and is extremely costly to replace. Batteries are available anywhere and ten years’ worth of supplies will cost you less than ten bucks.

This is a high mounted scope, comes with Picatinny rails. This allows me to add a flashlight and a laser to the SPR-1303 or the rails on my gun without adding any crazy, Frankenstein’ mounts. The battery lasts for a longer time given the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.

One of the unique feature of the Vortex SPR-1303 is that the prism of the sight are etched with reticle markings. This assures the user a consistent Point-to-aim. The illumination range is up to five intensity levels of the green / red dots suitable for various conditions.

If you are looking for a magnified red dot scope then I would suggest you stop your search now and purchase a Vortex SPR-1303. Not only are you getting one of the best warranties in the industry but your also getting a great light weight sight!


  • Amazing customer service and no questions asked warranty
  • Light weight, small size, flip cover
  • Easy to replace ​CR2 batteries
  • Dual reticle colors


  • Small control knobs with low grip (minimal etching)
  • Eye-relief not robust enough

XPS2-0 from EOTech

XPS2-0 from EOTech - Best Holographic Sight

Although expensive the XPS2-0 is feature packed. The design is for engagements under hundred yards. At closer range (10 to 15 yards), target are easily picked up. The XPS2's red dot has the MOA of 1 at 100 yards. The crisp, clear, parallax free optics helps you in hitting accurately at your target – with both eyes open.

The XPS2 is designed for a close quarter target acquisitions that are under hundred yards. The illuminated eye relief means that you don’t have to hold it closer to your eyes. At 8 ounces it might be a bit heavy on the lighter weapon systems. 

The battery lasts for a longer time given the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.

EOTech's have been used in the military and law enforcement ​for many years. If you dont mind using a CR123 battery and like the aesthetics of the EOTech then you should strongly consider the XPS2-0 on your shortlist for the best holographic sight. 


  • Outer ring for quick target acquisition at closer ranges
  • Crisp and clear reticle for easy sighting with both eyes open
  • Gives a wider FoV to the shooter
  • Parallax free view – doesn’t change your aim, no matter where your head is positioned.
  • Very long eye relief
  • Rugged build


  • Shorter battery life compared to other similar sights
  • Takes an expensive CR123 battery – sometimes harder to find
  • Weightier and wider than its competition

Ultra Shot M-Spec from Sightmark

Ultra Shot M-Spec from Sightmark - Best Holographic Sight

Next up is a very good reflex sight from Sightmark for not a lot of money! The Ultra Shot M-Spec has a better and sturdier build than the base model Ultra Shot. Also it sports digital switches and uses a CR2 battery as compared to button batteries used in other models.

The M-Spec is so bright and wide that you can pick up your target with both your eyes open. The reticle can be adjusted for the brightness so that you can use it in any light conditions – dusk, cloudy or in full, bright sunshine.

With one click, the elevation and windage moves the point of impact to 1 MOA. It holds zero fantastically even after firing hundreds of rounds, then unmounting and storing it in its case and again remounting it after a rough travel to the range. Very few contemporaries have shown this ruggedness. If you are using glasses, no worries. The M-Spec can be moved up and down the rail to adjust you vision and acquire the target.

It comes equipped with 6 brightness settings that can be selected with digital push buttons and 6 night vision compatible settings. The reticle has only one pattern of 60 MOA circle with 5 MOA subtension and a 2 MOA central dot.

The battery on the M-Spec lasts for a longer time givon en the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.

The earlier models of Sightmark were set carefully within the dual pane glass of the reticle and parallax corrected lens system. This allowed the shooter to accurately shoot from 10 yards to infinity. Therefore, theoretically, this new Sightmark might show some parallax at distances under 10 yards.

This is the best sight when it comes to performance, quality and accuracy. If you are on a budget and are looking for a great sight then look no further, this is the best holographic sight for you! 


  • Great price!​
  • Outer ring for quick target acquisition at closer ranges.
  • Easy to replace CR2 battery
  • Bright with great eye relief


  • ​Release handle could catch on equipment.
  • Not fogproof
  • Heavier than some competitors

Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 by Vortex

Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 by Vortex - Best Holographic Sight

The Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 is a small package containing tons of potentials to become a best sight. I mounted the Venom on my turkey gun and was worried whether it will be able to take the recoil of the 3 ” rounds of my 12 gauge turkey gun. But after around fifteen rounds, the Red Dot Top Load 3 is in perfect working order without shutting off, or the battery cover being dislodged.

The mounting is solid and the sight has not shifted the zero at all. Adjustment screws are accessible with bare hands but difficult to operate with gloves on. You can manually adjust the Vortex's sight up and down or use the auto feature to adjust the brightness of the dot. The dot appears crisp and sharp and the zero stays in place even after a big recoil.

Now if it happens that while changing the sight from one gun to another you accidently stripped the screw and wonder what will be the cost of repair, well you are in for a surprise. The Venom comes with lifetime Full Warranty that covers everything except “Theft and Loss”. This is an incredible new to those shooters how accidently happens to “ham handle” their weapons.

The battery lasts for a longer time given the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.


  • Incredible Customer support & warranty
  • Sturdy Build
  • Sharp, Crisp reticle
  • Zero held on high recoil rifles
  • Can be used on Pistols & Rifles


  • Adjustment screws - No detent clicks noticed
  • Difficult to operate the adjustment screws with gloves on
  • No brightness control for the red dot. Very bright on even the lowest brightness settings

512.A65 Tactical HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight from EOTech

512.A65 Tactical HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight from EOTech - Best Holographic Sight

This weapon sight not only sits perfectly on my rifle and looks nice too, but it also works fantastic and is easy to use. I am currently using the EOTech 512.A65 on my S&W M&P 15-22, have fires 1400 rounds by me and several other shooters and this sight has won their appreciations.

You can easily change the brightness of the 512.A65 on the go and even after heavy use the zero remains sturdily in place. The 512.A65 gives you the freedom to shoot with both the eyes open, as the sight is crisp and clear and the targets are acquired fairly quickly and easily. This sight makes any gun “easy to use” for any skill levels. The holographic sight allows even the poor eyesight shooter to easily aim and shoot the targets.

The battery lasts for a longer time given the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.

The build quality of the 512.A65 is super and holds up to the great reputation build up by EOTech over the years. The clear and crisp sight, wide range of brightness control, and a good eye relief makes it a must have addition to anybody’s weapons collection. The 512.A65 also comes with a very nice and sturdy carry case.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Holds zero even after heavy usage and rough handling (knocked over, dropped on the ground)
  • Target acquisition is fast and easy.
  • Uses AA batteries for operation.
  • Easy brightness control with push buttons


  • Pricy
  • May not Look “happening” compared to its contemporaries
  • Longer length limits its use on smaller weapons
  • Weightier and wider than its competition

Fastfire III (Black) from Burris

Fastfire III (Black) from Burris - Best Holographic Sight

Next up is the Fastfire III from Burris and I've gotta say that this is a one solid holographic sight! I have extensivelly used and tested the Fastfire III on a several tactical weapons which it managed hold the zero perfectly. This is one very small and light sight which is a great, as am able to mount it on my smaller pistols too.

The battery life of this little monster is amazing and after heavy shooting it doesn’t affect the brightness of the dot or the reticle. The optics of the Fastfire III are excellent and provide a clear and crisp sight of the target. The bright and clear glass means that you acquire the target fast and quickly.

Another added bonus of the Fastfire III is the low profile design which makes it ideal for mounting on smaller weapons. The Fastfire III can also be co-witnessed with other sights or iron sights and plays very well with night vision setups. The rugged build quality and sleek design of the Fastfire III makes this sight “a sight” on your weapon. The light weight build packs a lot of punch when you consider the functionality. The 3 MOA dot makes it a precise target acquisition addition to your weapon.

The cost may be a deciding factor when it comes to buying this holographic sight. Also the small foot print makes it a bit more fragile compared to other sights, however I feel that Burris Fastfire III is a strong contender for the best holographic sight!


  • Small footprint allowing it to be used on pistols or rifles
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Great build quality & very durable
  • Good Quality Optics
  • Easy to use


  • Pricy
  • Shades are oversized
  • Inadequate brightness

VMX-3T from Vortex

VMX-3T from Vortex - Best Holographic Sight

Vortex is known for making some of the best quality gun sights that are capable of being used on multiple weapons and with co-witnessing makes them some of the sought after sights. Many sights from Vortex are popular amongst gun enthusiasts and serious gun users.

The VMX-3T from Vortex is an exceptional and a very good quality weapons sight. It comes with a nicely designed mount that can be customized according to your preference. The build quality is rugged and sturdy and the nitrogen purged internally makes it a waterproof sight. The mount can be flipped right or left depending upon you preference.

The multicoated optics provide a 3x magnification with a red dot sight allowing for an exceptional light transmission. The red dot can be adjusted using the windage and elevation control and that too without affecting the point of impact. This feature gives this sight a very big plus. One more feature that stands out amongst the rest of the sights is its ability to flip to one side (left side by default) so that your viewing eye gets a clear view of the target area.

This is a perfectly balanced sight that mounts on your weapon with the help of a shim plate that comes with the product. While mounting take care to use the blue glue (Loctite), this will help the screws stay in position instead of backing out. After emptying 500 rounds at the range, the mount remained in the place and so did the zero. Later when I shot a 5 round pattern in the bull’s eye and the spread was of an inch. All this was achieved while standing up.

The VMX-3T has surprised me with it's exceptional build quality and features for the price range. The glass is very clear which allows for good light transmission. The ability to adjust the red dot to center via the windage and elevation controls is a big plus. These adjustments will not affect point of aim/point of impact at all.


  • Exceptional build quality
  • Superb optics
  • Sturdy and stable sight
  • Ability to flip to one side (left – by default or right – by reverse mounting)


  • No lens cap included with the product.

Micro T-2: The 2 MOA Sight from Aimpoint

Micro T-2: The 2 MOA Sight from Aimpoint - Best Holographic Sight

The Micro T-2 from Aimpont is a nicely build sight that doesn’t give off red hue from the laser emitter, nor the sight shoes any green or blue tint when aiming at the target. The dot is nice and sharp and very bright. Given the dots brightness and the clarity the battery life of the sight is commendable.

The mounting of the T-2 is sturdy and once mounted on your weapon it stays put and the zero doesn’t budge even after heavy usage or handling. The low mounting of the T-2 means that it can be co-witnessed with an iron sight. The MOA of this Micro T-2 red dot is 2 at 100 yards. The advanced optics design permits this sight to be used with different night vision equipments. You can either use it as a standalone sight or couple it with any thermal, night vision or magnifier sights for equally satisfying results.

The sight works equally well in wet, cloudy and freezing conditions without fogging or losing the brightness of the red dot. The long comfortable eye relief means that you can hold the weapon at a comfortable distance and not close to your face.

The T-2 comes with its own dust covers & flip caps. The objective is an opaque plastic cap that protects the front lens while the ocular lens is covered by a transparent, see-through lens cap. The illumination of the red dot can be adjusted by rotating a large knob that provides positive feedback in form of clicks.

The battery lasts for a longer time given the fact that the illumination can be at its highest and used for a longer duration. The dot formed is crisp, sharp and nicely rounded with not flares or blurs at higher illuminations.

The immaculately anodized aluminium body is very light weight and water resistant for up to 25 meters.

Like EOTech, Aimpoint sights are used by Law Enforcement and the Military for a reason. They are hard as nails and won't let you down. If you are reading this article looking for a scope over a reflex sight and this Aimpoint is within your budget, buy it! This is one of the best sights I have used all year and it is the best holographic sight for those looking for a holographic scope sight. 


  • Compact and sturdy build
  • Clear and bright optics & red dot
  • Comes with dust covers & flip caps
  • Comfortable eye relief


  • Pricy

Trijicon RMR / RM07 6.5 MOA

Trijicon RMR / RM07 6.5 MOA - Best Holographic Sight

Last but not least is the RMR07 from Trijicon. This sight comes in many different flavours’ – dual-illuminated, adjustable and no adjustable models. The adjustable sights are equipped with the battery powered control to adjust the brightness of the red dot manually while non-adjustable sights, though contains a red dot, they lack the brightness adjustment feature of the adjustable model.

The dual-illuminated model of the RMR is more rugged yet retains the same  reliability., For this version Trijicon use the fiber optic to accumulate light and create the dot. It also contains tritium as a backup light source, but over time tritium decays and the dot size created by it is are not fine, but large. You may also find it difficult to see the red dot while shooting from a shaded area into the bright sunlit target – like those outdoor ranges that have covered shooting areas.

The various models of RMR gives you various options to choose from depending upon your needs. The large red dot size of the RM07 makes it ideal sight for defensive weapons like a shotgun or a pistol.

The RMR comes with a picatinny mount as a standard that easily slides onto the weapon without much difficulty. The build quality is exceptional giving the sight a solid durability. The red dot adjusts its brightness automatically when sighting it from a shaded shooting position to the bright outside.

The battery life of this little monster is amazing and after heavy shooting it doesn’t affect the brightness of the dot or the reticle. The optics of this RM07 are excellent and provide a clear, crisp and sharp sight of the target. The bright and clear glass translate to a fast and quick target acquisition. Another remarkable feature of the RMR sight is it's exceptional battery life. People have reported to the battery to last 2 years of active use. And the auto-brightness feature pegs the battery life to even longer duration.

This is an absolutely amazing sight, it's small; it's mighty, ​it's sturdy and looks great on both rifles and pistols. This sight would have been my choice for the best holographic sight if it wasn't so pricy. If your budget does stretch this far and you are looking for a best holographic sight for a pistol or a rifle and your budget stretches to the Trijicon RMR look no further. 


  • Amazing battery life
  • Small & lightweight
  • Dual illuminated
  • Can by used by pistols and rifles


  • Pricy​


After extensively reviewing the ten best holographic sights it is time to give the verdict. The best holographic sight from the above list is the C-MORE Systems Railway Red Dot Sight with Click Switch. This C-MORE Systems sight is a winner by hands down. Being a popular sight amongst open class race pistols it is a common sight to see it on most popular weapons.

The Railway red dot has exceptional infrared night vision capabilities. It is also used as a co-witness to the iron sights. The sight enables you to keep both your eye open while shooting thus enabling faster target acquisition and enhancing shooting experience. Zero holds very well even after heavy firing and rough handling a must for the best holographic sight. The mounting uses two cross-bolts, where the rear one slides back and forth to allow more mounting options. It works fantastically on Weaver and Picatinny Rails, also on many factory rails having intermittent cross slots.

Build quality is excellent however, it may look a bit beefy on the weapon but when you hold it in your hand, it easily fits in your palm, making you wonder about this “little monster”. The optics and the illumination is excellent and provides you a crisp and sharp view through the sight. The MOA is 8 which is sufficiently good for use in pistols and hand guns.

In conclusion the C-MORE Systems Railway Red Dot Sight will take you to the next level of shooting ability. The red dot used for aiming is as simple as point-and-shoot. The design of the unit resembles the HUD (Heads Up Unit) that gives you ample FoV (Field of View). The design eliminates the tunnel vision that is a common aspect of other tube based sights.

Another reason why it was selected as the best holographic sight, is due to the wonderful quick release and attach feature, that helps the sight to attach itself to Picatinny or a Weaver rail mounts enabling it to be used on variety of weapon systems like rifles, shotguns, revolvers, handguns, and even the paint ball guns. This easy detachment and reattachment makes this sight a versatile addition to your weapon systems.

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