About Me

For some people, owning a rifle is something they do for protection. For others, it is almost life itself, it is an object that brings them boundless joy and remains, throughout the entire span of their lives, the very center of their experiences. When all this is taken into consideration, the reader may imagine what a torture it must be to have had the terrible experience of  missing your target again, and again. A poor choice of optic for your rifle may result in an experience below what we consider satisfactory.

My name is James Smith, I am the owner of Tango Tactics and I have thus decided to share my experiences in trying different brands/products throughout years of commitment to search for the ideal scope and rifle accessories. Needless to say, the rifles and scopes under discussion have been used for more than just a shooting range. A scope that is too dark or that weighs too much will certainly create problems for the hunter looking to stalk his prey. While a scope that is designed for shooting at 1000 yards, may be of good use for hunting in Wyoming, but useless in Kansas where you can barely see more than 200 yards before you run into trees.

Tango Tactics is a website made for all gun owners. If you have a passion for firearms, then you’ve come to the right place. My goal is to provide you with unbiased information to help you be more accurate and precise while aiming. Optics, whether they come in form of scope, red-dot or laser sight are a must-have for every rifle owner who is serious about hitting desired target.

We share everything, ranging from basic information for those who are handling the gun first time to more advanced zeroing and sighting tips.

In addition, we understand how hard it is to navigate between today’s firearm optics so we promise to review everything manufacturers have to offer in this industry. We want to personally make sure that you will get the highest value for your money!

For any questions, comments or if you would like to publish a guest post on Tango Tactics the contact form is here